Mosaic1 reading 6th

وضعیت موجودی موجود
11 رای
شابک/ISBN: 9780077595111
قطع: وزیری
قیمت قبلی: 195,000 تومان
قیمت: 105,000 تومان

Mosaic1 reading 6th

  • Modern, relevant material keeps students engaged.
  • Intensive vocabulary practice takes students through the most common words in English and the Academic Word List.
  • A careful balance of academic and non-academic skills ensures that students are prepared for college classrooms and informal interactions around campus
  • Just as in university courses, homework is completed online, with a variety of automatically-graded exercises.

Mosaic1 reading 6th

شابک/ISBN: 9780077595111
قطع: وزیری

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