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Advances in Esthetic Implant Dentistry

A comprehensive and highly illustrated reference on current topics in esthetic dental implant therapy
Advances in Esthetic Implant Dentistry provides a current, comprehensive overview of esthetic implant therapy. Offering innovative step-by-step protocols for surgical techniques and case studies, the book presents practical, clinically oriented guidance firmly anchored in solid scientific research. A companion website provides videos of clinical procedures and follow-up case studies.
قیمت قبلی: 240,000 تومان
قیمت: 195,000 تومان

Anatomical Variations in Clinical Dentistry

جدیدترین دانش و تغییرات آناتومیکی به نوبه خود برای فک پایین ، سینوس فک بالا ، کام سخت ، کف دهان ، لب ها ، مفصل تمپورودیبیبولار و دندان ها ارائه می شود. در هر فصل ، یادداشتهای بالینی به منظور تقویت درک روابط بین جراحی و آناتومی گنجانده شده است. نویسندگان مشهور بین المللی برای تخصص خود در مباحثی که در مورد آنها بحث می کنند با دقت انتخاب شده اند. تغییرات آناتومیکی در دندانپزشکی بالینی برای دندانپزشکان عمومی ، اندودنتیست ها ، پریودنتیست ها و ایمپلنتولوژیست ها بسیار ارزشمند خواهد بود و همچنین یک دارایی برای آناتومیست ها ، جراحان دهان و فک و صورت ، جراحان گوش ، چشم پزشکان ، و دندانپزشکان خواهد بود.
قیمت قبلی: 150,000 تومان
قیمت: 120,000 تومان

Anatomy of Orofacial Structures – Brand

ou a clear understanding of oral histology and embryology, dental anatomy, and head and neck anatomy – all in a single resource. With new clinical content, a new chapter on the anatomy of local anesthesia, and an outstanding new full-color art program, this new edition is perfect for anyone studying to be a Dental Assistant or a Dental Hygienist. In addition, it offers the benefits of a combined text and student workbook, with review questions and unit tests, as well as detachable flashcards for on-the-go study – making this one product a complete learning package.
قیمت قبلی: 325,000 تومان
قیمت: 260,000 تومان

Applied Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist

With a focus on the most commonly used drugs in dentistry, Applied Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist, 8th Edition provides you with an in-depth understanding of the pharmacologic principles needed for safe and effective dental treatment and oral health care. It discusses drug properties and mechanisms of action, dosages, intended effects, interactions, and adverse reactions - both for the medications a patient may already be taking and for the drugs prescribed by the dentist. This new edition has been updated throughout to give you a firm foundation in pharmacology in order to assess and educate patients so they can maintain optimal oral health!
قیمت قبلی: 175,000 تومان
قیمت: 140,000 تومان

Atlas of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Periodontal Surgery

The third edition of the Cohen Atlas is fully redesigned and expanded to reflect the state of the art and science in periodontic surgery. Each procedure is presented in a step-by-step methodology, and is supplemented by clinical case examples now enhanced with thousands of full-color images and illustrations. The new edition is more hefty, with new chapters and as with earlier editions Dr. Cohen succinctly outlines the advantages, disadvantages, and related challenges for each procedure. The goal of the atlas is to teach the novice, upgrade the skills of the average clinician, and act as a reference source for the experienced clinician. SPECIAL FEATURES Five new chapters in a section on Anterior Tooth Exposure discuss diagnosis to passive eruption 3000 clinical photographs 300 original color drawings

قیمت قبلی: 220,000 تومان
قیمت: 180,000 تومان

Atlas of Operative Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

اطلس جراحی دهان و فک و صورتیک اطلس جراحی نوآورانه ، چند رشته ای ، معاصر است که جنبه های اصلی جراحی دهان و فک و صورت ، جراحی بازسازی سر و گردن و جراحی زیبایی صورت را پوشش می دهد. متن به عنوان یک اطلس جراحی مبتنی بر رویه با تأکید ویژه بر ترسیم تکنیک های جراحی با تصاویری با وضوح بالا ساخته شده است. فصل ها توسط متخصصان در زمینه خود نوشته شده اند و به گونه ای طراحی شده اند تا اطلاعاتی با بازده بالا در مورد نشانه های رویه ، موارد منع مصرف ، آناتومی مربوط ، تکنیک ها ، مدیریت بعد از عمل ، عوارض و نکات کلیدی ارائه دهند. هر فصل با گزارش موردی عکاسی مفصل نتیجه می گیرد که مشخصات روش مربوط به مواردی مانند مکان برای برش ،  آناتومیکی برش ، مراحل اساسی در این روش را نشان می دهد.

قیمت قبلی: 250,000 تومان
قیمت: 200,000 تومان

Atlas of Oral Diseases: A Guide for Daily Practice

This atlas is designed to assist all who are involved in diagnosing and treating oral diseases. Individual chapters focus on lesions and disorders of the oral mucosa, soft tissues (including the minor salivary glands), lips, tongue, gingiva, palate, and jaw bones (odontogenic and non-odontogenic lesions). In addition to the more common diseases, less frequent disorders are also covered, some of which have been recognized only in recent years. Throughout, the approach is practice oriented, with concise text and an abundance of high-quality clinical, radiographic, and, where appropriate, histopathologic images. The combined training of the author in oral surgery and oral pathology means that he has exceptional expertise in both the diagnosis and the treatment of oral diseases. His detailed knowledge and experience are fully reflected in the Atlas of Oral Diseases, which will be very helpful for dental and medical professionals in their daily practice.

قیمت قبلی: 85,000 تومان
قیمت: 70,000 تومان

Behavioral Dentistry

ویرایش دوم دندانپزشکی رفتاری در مورد فرآیندهای بیو رفتاری از جمله روانشناسی التهاب و درد ، سلامت دهان و دندان و کیفیت زندگی ، سلامت بزاق و هیپنوتیزم در دندانپزشکی بحث می کند. این کتاب به بررسی اضطراب ، ترس و درد دندان و مزمن دهان و دندان می پردازد و سپس تکنیک های طراحی و مدیریت تغییر رفتار را مرور می کند. این بخش با بخشی در مورد تمرین حرفه ای ، از جمله مراقبت از نیازهای ویژه ، بیماران سالمندان و دیابتی و ارتباطات بین فردی در آموزش دندان پزشکی مطرح میشود.
قیمت قبلی: 200,000 تومان
قیمت: 160,000 تومان

Burket’s Oral Medicine

Inherently interdisciplinary, the field of oral medicine continues to incorporate and apply new knowledge and techniques to the care of patients. For nearly 70 years, Burket's Oral Medicine has been the principal text for all major aspects of oral medicine, from the basic science to clinical practice. This 12th edition continuous to serve as the authoritative source of information for students, residents, and clinicians interested in the field of oral medicine. Through the addition of new chapters and substantial new material, the 12th edition of the book significantly advances the understanding of today's practice of oral medicine.
قیمت قبلی: 300,000 تومان
قیمت: 245,000 تومان

Cawson’s Essentials of Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine

The new edition of this classic book continues to support a new generation of dental students in their understanding of the essential aspects of oral pathology, oral medicine and systemic disease, as they relate to the day-to-day practice of dentistry. Fully updated throughout with the latest diagnostic tests, treatment protocols and international guidelines, the book will be essential for all undergraduates studying dentistry as well as postgraduate examinations.
قیمت قبلی: 360,000 تومان
قیمت: 300,000 تومان

Clinical Cases in Orofacial Pain

موارد کلینیکی دردهای دهان و دندان یک منبع با ارزش برای دانشجویان دندانپزشکی در مقطع کارشناسی ارشد و همچنین ساکنان در جهت صدور گواهینامه هیئت مدیره است. موارد فردی شامل اختلالات مفصل گیجگاهی فکی ، اختلالات عضلانی استخوان ، سردرد ، درد نوروپاتی ، درد دندان ، سایش دندان و دیستونی است. به دنبال شیوه سری محبوب موارد بالینی ، موارد با تفسیر علمی مرتبط ارائه می شود ، از جمله اطلاعات پیش زمینه ، معیارهای
تشخیصی و نکات اساسی که ممکن است در تشخیص ، برنامه ریزی درمانی یا مدیریت پرونده تأثیر بگذارد.
قیمت قبلی: 180,000 تومان
قیمت: 144,000 تومان

Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry

Now in its sixth edition, Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry is the must-have resource for practitioners specialising in periodontal care and implant dentistry. The chapters have been extensively revised with 40% of the content new to this edition. Maintaining the widely praised two-volume format introduced in the previous edition, the editorial team has once again brought together the world’s top international specialists to share their expertise on all aspects of periodontology, periodontal health and the use of implants in the rehabilitation of the periodontally compromised patient. Seamlessly integrating foundational science, practical clinical protocols, and recent advances in the field, Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, Sixth Edition enhances its stellar reputation as the cornerstone reference work on periodontology.  

قیمت قبلی: 580,000 تومان
قیمت: 464,000 تومان

Cohen’s Pathways of the Pulp

Find the latest evidence-based research and clinical treatments! Cohen's Pathways of the Pulp, 11th Edition covers the science, theory, and practice of endondontics with chapters written by internationally renowned experts. Full-color illustrations and detailed radiographs guide you through each step of endodontic care ― from diagnosis and treatment planning to proven techniques for managing pulpal and periapical diseases. New to the print edition are seven new chapters, and the eBook version adds three more. As an Expert Consult title, Cohen’s Pathways of the Pulp lets you search the entire contents of the book on your desktop or mobile device, and includes videos, case studies, and more. Edited by noted specialists Kenneth Hargreaves and Louis Berman, this book is the definitive resource in endodontics!
قیمت قبلی: 390,000 تومان
قیمت: 315,000 تومان

Color Atlas of Common Oral Diseases

Featuring over 800 clear, high-quality photographs and radiographic illustrations, this fully updated Fifth Edition of Color Atlas of Common Oral Diseases is designed throughout to help readers recognize and identify oral manifestations of local or systemic diseases. The new edition includes expanded and updated content and is enhanced by new images, new case studies, a stronger focus on national board exam prep, and more. The book’s easy-to-navigate, easy-to-learn-from standard format consists of two-page spreads that provide a narrative overview on one page with color illustrations on the facing page. To integrate oral diagnosis, medicine, pathology, and radiology, the overviews emphasize the clinical description of oral lesions, cover the nature of various disease processes, and provide a brief discussion of cause and treatment options.

قیمت قبلی: 130,000 تومان
قیمت: 104,000 تومان

Color Atlas of Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases

Introducing an essential new practical atlas for dental students and clinicians alike! The Color Atlas of Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases provides comprehensive, practical information on the most common oral and maxillofacial diseases and disorders. This new text uses a quick-access atlas format to help you easily look up clinical signs, diagnosis, and treatments. Nearly 750 high-quality images accompanied by brief narratives demonstrate exactly what clinical signs to look for – making an intervention as timely as possible. Written by four of the top dental authorities in the world, this concise resource is sure to become a clinical favorite. Expert Consult TM eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices
قیمت قبلی: 225,000 تومان
قیمت: 180,000 تومان

Color in Dentistry: A Clinical Guide to Predictable Esthetics

Predictable shade matching in dentistry remains a significant challenge for clinicians in daily practice. Color is an important aspect in the esthetics of teeth and dental restoration fabrication, and color discrepancy can mar restorative results, even when other aspects (marginal fit, occlusion, and morphology) are adequate. This book provides step-by-step protocols to help dental professionals accurately match, communicate, and reproduce the color of teeth and gingiva. These authors demonstrate how to implement color science in simple problem-solving instructions for predictable esthetics in both clinical protocols and laboratory techniques. An extensive presentation of clinical cases is included to illustrate the use of recommended protocols in general practice. An outstanding contribution to the practice and theory of color management in contemporary dentistry.
قیمت قبلی: 180,000 تومان
قیمت: 144,000 تومان

Comprehensive Biochemistry for Dentistry

This book combines fundamental concepts of biochemistry and the dental sciences to provide an authentic, coherent and comprehensive text for dental students. It describes in simple language the intricate pathophysiology of biomolecules in health and in diseases of dental and oral tissues. This book also describes the evolution of biochemistry in a chronological order, provides information about the fundamental chemical structure, classification and biological significance of biomolecules, vitamins and hormones, enriched with flow charts and diagrams for easy understanding and quick reference. It includes chapters on nucleic acids, nutrition and serum enzymes and organ function tests, and offers an innovative approach to familiarize dental students with the biochemical composition of enamel, dentine, cementum and saliva, explaining the biochemical basis of dental caries, periodontal diseases, role of fluorides in caries prophylaxis, fluoride toxicity, and the role of amino acids as anti-hypersensitive agents.

قیمت قبلی: 265,000 تومان
قیمت: 212,000 تومان

Contemporary Dental Pharmacology: Evidence-Based Considerations

این کتاب در مورد رویکردهای فعلی در مورد استفاده از مواد مخدر در دندانپزشکی با هدف تجهیز پزشکان به درک صحیح از شواهد علمی برای مداخلات مختلف و اثربخشی مقایسه ای این مداخلات. توجه بیشتر به داروهایی است که بیشتر در رابطه با درمان دندان از جمله بی حسی موضعی ، مسکن ، آنتی بیوتیک ، آرام بخش و داروهایی برای مدیریت فوریت های پزشکی استفاده می شود. خلاصه مدارک علمی موجود از ادبیات منتشر شده موجود ، با ارزیابی سطح و کیفیت پایه شواهد ارائه شده است. یک جنبه منحصر به فرد از کتاب ، تمرکز آن بر روی توصیه‌های جاری و مبتنی بر شواهد از سوی سازمانهای حرفه‌ای با توجه به مباحث خاص ، مانند پیشگیری از آنتی بیوتیک ، ملاحظات کودکان و مدیریت بیماران مبتلا به پزشکی است. تأکید بر شواهد مربوط به کارآزمایی های کنترل شده تصادفی ، بررسی های سیستماتیک و متاآنالیزها انجام می شود و به منظور تقویت هر چه بیشتر ماهیت به روز کتاب ، هر فصل شامل راهنمایی در مورد منابع آنلاین ، مانند وب سایت های مفید غیر تجاری است.
قیمت قبلی: 95,000 تومان
قیمت: 76,000 تومان
طراحی و اجرا: فروشگاه ساز سبدخرید